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Who are we?

WYM Group is a family business committed to providing high quality products at affordable prices while remaining flexible to meet customer needs. We rely on automation and innovation to deliver creative business solutions.

We offer diversified products addressing the domestic, commercial/industrial and institutional markets as well. This includes tissue paper products, detergents as well as protection products, in addition to mother roll conversion services according to the needs of our customers.

WYM Group offers its own brands but remains willing to produce under your brand if the volume warrants it.

Parent roll
conversion services

Whether you are a small or large paper converting company, we have the equipment and products to meet your needs. If your equipment is not suitable for the large tissue paper mother rolls, we can convert for you according to the dimensions of your machines. We will meet the needs of all our customers, regardless of their size of operation, and we guarantee a quality product that allows you effective and profitable operations.

Our equipment allows us to reduce the width and diameter of the mother rolls to convert into napkins, tissues, pocket handkerchiefs or toilet paper.

Quality, flexibility, accessibility, is not just a slogan but it is our way of being and of doing to fully ensure the satisfaction of our customers.


Our Mission

WYM Group is committed to offering high quality products at accessible and affordable prices while remaining flexible to meet customer needs. We rely on automation and innovation to deliver creative business solutions.

What we do

Our company offers a wide range of tissue products including: toilet paper, napkins, handkerchiefs, kitchen paper, paper towels as well as a wide range of household, commercial or industrial detergent products, and cleaning products. protection like premium disposable masks, disinfectants and wet towels for different uses.

We are a company that stays abreast of technological advancements and changing customer needs.


Joignez-vous àl’équipe Wym !

a distributor

At WYM Group, we pride ourselves on offering top quality products at very competitive prices. We are also very flexible and can meet the varied needs of the different markets we target. We are looking for distributors and representatives in Canada and around the world to distribute our various products.

If this challenge interests you, take a few minutes to fill out the form. We will be happy to contact you as soon as possible and to have you in our distribution network.


WYM Groupe is a small, diversified company that works every day to improve the working conditions of our employees and create a healthy work environment where employees feel equipped and empowered to perform their duties. Together, we work to strengthen and improve our communities. Through our donations and our commitment, we give forward and help meet the needs of the most vulnerable in society.

Parmi les organismes de bienfaisance et les événements
qui sont soutenus par WYM Group et ses employés, notons :

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