Masks made in Canada

First step towards autonomy: WYM Group launches the manufacturing of medical and non-medical masks


The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented demand for certain medical supplies including medical masks and demonstrated Canada’s vulnerability and dependence from abroad for the importation of these supplies.

In a spirit of contributing to the national effort to fight this pandemic and ensure a certain independence for our country in the long term, the Canadian company WYM Group Inc., established in Gatineau (Quebec), has embarked on the manufacture of tissue paper products, sanitary products and protective products including medical and non-medical masks that meet all standards of quality, safety and efficacy.

WYM group offers medical and non-medical masks proudly made in Canada according to the highest standards of quality, safety and efficiency. This is our solution to reduce Canada’s dependence on foreign countries in this area and to ensure a reliable and constant supply.

Our products are aimed at the general public as well as professionals. We are looking for distributors for all regions of Canada as well as other countries.

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We look forward to counting you among our customers.